I'm a Game Developers and True2D is my place to create and publish Video Games.

Open The Chest 2

(July to Oct. )

In this puzzle game, your job is to open the chest.
Yeah, a chest with your MOUSE !

Of course, there is more than one chest (10 unique chests to discover and solve !)

Get Ideas To Draw

(June )

Generate a random idea to draw !

Get Ideas To Draw is perfect for designers / painter / digital painter / speed ​​painter / stranded in front of their white paper, a simple push of the button generates a random idea to draw.

Ball 42

(March )

Keep your focus, aim and try to get the ball in as many times as possible !

In this arcade game, throw the ball at the right time and try to get it in the first time to win a diamond, use your diamonds in the shop to unlock new colors.

Click Fish

(Feb. )

Click for feed your fish, collect coins and improve it !

In this game, you can click on your fish for feed it. More you click and more your fish generate coin, with this coin go to the shop and unlock / upgrade new items for feed your fish more quickly !

Space Fish

(Jan. )

Collect plants and use them as hook to catch incredible intergalactic fish !

On this asteroid a lot of comet twirls and hits the ground wildly, dodge them and continue to fish quietly, Make your best score and go to the shop to buy sumptuous cosmetics !